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Status Update, February 2021

There’s a saying here in Brazil which says that the year only starts after Carnival (a event that usually happens in February), and despite not caring about it, I haven’t worked very much on any side-project ever since last year. So it must be true. :p

During this downtime, I took the time to rest a lot, play cyberpunk 2077, go back to the gym after a half a year trying to workout at home and focusing on other aspects of my life.

I’ve also upgraded my workstation, I went from a 6-core 1600X to a 12-core 3900X and 32GB of RAM. This should give me a lot more performance when compiling large codebases and also a lot more headroom for running VMs.

And that’s pretty much it for now.

I’m planning to catch up to the gemini mailing list and finally tag a 1.0 release for Satellite. I’m also planning to add a bit more content to the geminispace.

Until next time!

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